Winery visits: what happens if I am late?
Category: Winery tours

At the quotation stage, you can always request times other than those we propose. It will be our care to try to accommodate you.

When the tour is finalized and the schedule has been agreed upon and we have sent it to you, it will be your responsibility to adhere to it.

In case you find that you are running late you will have to contact the supplier (I emphasize, the supplier and not us because it is the supplier who is waiting for you) and notify them. Normally the supplier will accept if the delay is small.

When faced with major delays after 30-45 minutes, he may reduce the time devoted to your experience or, in case of even more major delays, cancel your experience.

Remember that it is not ill will on his part, but his day has cadences already agreed upon with other clients or other commitments, and sometimes it is just impossible to deviate.


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