How to behave during the winery visit?
Category: Winery tours

Adherence to all safety-related directions given in the winery and communicated by staff is required.

Visitors must not stray from the group during the tour; under no circumstances are unaccompanied tours allowed.

Adults are responsible for children, who must be accompanied at all times.

The winery is not a bar. The producer makes himself available to share his experience and knowledge. If you are not interested in the world of wine and prefer a convivial time with friends, please tell me at the time of the quote. Your tour might be better suited to a typical Osteria or a nice restaurant and perhaps leave the winery visit for a quieter, more suitable time. SlowDays can’t understand the situation and expectations if you don’t share them at the time of the quote. I love to fulfill my clients’ requests and create with the suppliers I work with, experiences that are engaging and fulfilling on both sides.


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