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  1. How can I use it? By writing to claudia@slowdays.it. You will tell me your interest date, and I will book your experience!
  2. When can I use it? The coupon is valid for one year. The deadline date is printed on the coupon. But remember to book at least 15 days before the requested date for 1-day tours and one month in advance for vouchers that include an overnight stay!
  3. It is not necessary to present the Voucher; it is sufficient to state the order number at the application stage.

VOUCHER RESCUE AND BOOKING – Insights and things to know

SlowDays allows purchasing Gift Vouchers (called SlowBoxes) that refer to a particular Tour on the site at the time of purchase. Purchased Vouchers can be donated to others or purchased for oneself. The person who buys the Voucher is the purchaser; the person who receives and redeems the Voucher is the Voucher holder.

  • Validity: Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Based on the seasonal needs of most facilities in our area, we point out that the redemption period for the Voucher is possible from March 15 until November 15 of each calendar year.
  • Redemption: To redeem the Voucher, you must write to claudia@slowdays.it, stating that you are the holder of the voucher number (give order no.) and that you would like to use the Voucher on a particular date. In response, you will receive a quote with information about the purchased Tour. The customer can confirm the Tour described in the section and the date or request some changes. Upon acceptance, the following reservation will have all the characteristics of a package generally purchased on the site and will follow package cancellation rules.
  • Change of dates: In the case of vouchers that only include outdoor activities, a date change may be requested with the lousy weather clause (*). Please note that if the Tour consists of an overnight stay, it will not be possible to move the entire Tour. Alternative/equivalent activities may be arranged instead of outdoor activities, or the Tour may be split into multiple dates to take advantage of all the services included.
  • Change of dates due to force majeure causes not attributable to the client’s will: In case of cancellation due to force majeure, documented illness (**), or difficult family situations, the holder may request the shift of tour dates. SlowDays, after consulting with the suppliers involved, will notify the client of the cost of the move (administrative fees, non-refundable prepaid experiences). The cost can never exceed the total price of the purchased Voucher. The holder may accept the action with payment of the required fees. If the holder is no longer interested in booking another date, they may request a refund for the Tour minus the overhead expenses. The voucher refund will always be made to the voucher purchaser.
  • Holder substitution: Up to 4 days before the tour start date, the holder may request substitution of the names of people who will use the Tour. SlowDays reserves the right to accept substitution after checking that all services included can be provided to people with different characteristics (***)
  • Variation of voucher type: At the time of redemption, the holder may decide to change the Tour given as a gift. In this case, SlowDays will declare the amount collected at the purchase, and the holder can use it for any other Tour on the site. After booking, it will become, to all intents and purposes, a SlowDays package with all the features described below, including cancellations.
  • Extension of expiration date: SlowDays vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue. SlowDays will extend the initial expiration by an additional year. You can apply to extend the expiration date by paying an amount equal to 20 percent of the value of the Voucher and with a minimum of 20 euros per Voucher.
  • Variation by necessity by SlowDays: SlowDays is committed to maintaining, for the duration of the Voucher’s validity, the experiences as described at the time of purchase, but special conditions may occur:
  1. Tour changed. Suppose the Tour is changed for contingent reasons (supplier no longer available, for example). In that case, SlowDays will seek an equivalent substitution which will be proposed and explained at the time of redemption.
  2. Canceled Tour. One or more experiences may be balanced. And with no possibility of substitution. In this case, SlowDays will propose alternatives of equal value and similar type. Always subject to the approval of the voucher holder.
  3. Tour Price Increase. SlowDays, even in the presence of price increases, will guarantee the redemption of the Voucher, up to a maximum of 10% difference. When the Tour, at the time of redemption, has a price displayed on the site with an increase greater than 10%, SlowDays will act following one of these alternatives (always with the agreement and prior notice of the voucher holder)
    1. Ridefinizione delle esperienze, cambiandole o riducendole.
    2. Sostituzione del pacchetto con uno di valore pari al voucher
    3. Richiesta di una integrazione pari al valore del nuovo Tour – 10% – valore del voucher da riscattare
  4. Very High Season: Price increase or inability to offer voucher redemption (due to unavailability of facilities, for example). For the very high season, which runs from mid-September to mid-November, we encourage and recommend booking at least 60 days in advance, especially in the case of vouchers that include overnight accommodations. Same as point 3, regarding Tour Price Increase.

SlowDays will always guarantee the quality of the providers and experiences it publishes on the site. These clauses aim to preserve the quality of services provided, ensure fair compensation for providers, and protect the company’s continuity.

  • (*) Stormy Weather: Outdoor activities are considered to be those related to E-bikes, Vespa, and Trekking Tours. The reference site is that of the Air Force Weather, which will be the text for SlowDays. The parameter that will allow the Tour to be moved, without charge to the client, will be given by a probability of rain greater than or equal to 50% 48 hours before the date. Suppose lousy weather does not allow for the Tour. In that case, we will contact you the day before (when the weather forecast becomes more reliable) to reschedule the day on a new date, arrange alternatives, or be partially refunded. This condition applies only to experiences where weather conditions are critical (it does not apply to overnight stays or indoor experiences, even if combined with outdoor adventures). For exceptional cases, in any case, please get in touch with us via email.

(**) Documented illness: Send a medical certificate stating the actual illness.

(***) Characteristics that must be checked to accept changes in tour participants: height for bikes, allergies and severe intolerances, age in the case of Vespa tours, or other details that may compromise the success of the Tour


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