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Trekking Alba and surroundings. 

Discover it slowly!

Departure and arrival in Alba. About 11 km. Approximately three h walks, at a tranquil pace, around the capital of the Langhe. It was a slightly challenging start and then a final with a short climb. It’s not difficult but requires a minimum of training! Elevation change of 320 meters.

After a few hundred meters, you will be surrounded by greenery. Vineyards, groves, meadows, and views.

  • Includes: Map of the path to follow on the APP, assistance for the tour, and decadent paper dinner or paper lunch in the center of Alba, with excellent wines for tasting.

The idea for a different day? You can reach Alba in about an hour by train from Turin. You will find the departure for your journey not far from the station. For a pleasant, ecological, and truly SLOW day! You can comfortably return by train at the end of a rich tasting.


SlowDays offers all tours and packages on demand, without a fixed date, and exclusively for your ‘group.’

The tour we describe is necessarily indicative of the experiences you will have. In the quotation phase, with the dates and number of participants, I can tell you about your tour in more detail. Just so you know, the addresses and names of the facilities will only be communicated after confirmation.

If you like our proposal, please ask us for availability for the best date and the number of participants. We will confirm everything within a few hours!

Self-guided walk and lunch in Alba

Formula A - 65€ per person

Sosta durante il trekking

ROUTE DESCRIPTION  “Trekking Alba and surroundings“: A loop starting from the center of Alba takes you to the hills that divide Alba from the nearby valley, where there are the Barbaresco vineyards of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio. About 11 km, pleasant and scenic.


  • Personalized track for your walk to follow on mobile and even offline, with critical points of interest
  • Upon arrival in Alba, an excellent lunch on the main street of the historic center. A small restaurant that is also a store of selected local products where you will be served a menu that includes: Vitello tonnato, agnolotti “del plin,” and dessert, all accompanied by two glasses of wine from the Langhe.
Self-guided walk, lunch and spa experience in Alba

Formula B - €100 per person

Percorsi di trekking a due passi da Alba

ROUTE DESCRIPTION very scenic loop of about 11km around Alba. Just a stone’s throw from the center of Alba, after a few hundred meters of paved road, you enter the hills and enjoy a remarkable view!


  • Personalized track for your walk to follow on mobile and even offline, with crucial points of interest
  • Upon arrival in Alba, an excellent lunch on the main street of the historic center. A small restaurant that is also a store of selected local products where you will be served a menu that includes: Vitello tonnato, agnolotti “del plin,” and dessert, all accompanied by two glasses of wine from the Langhe.
  • Entrance to a beautiful, elegant spa with a whirlpool, steam bath, Finnish sauna, and Roman sauna. Approximately 90-minute course


Trails Cuneo, Langhe, in Piedmont

We have developed and tested different itineraries and want to share them with you!

You will receive a track of your ALBA trekking to follow on your mobile. You will have to download an APP that we will show you. You will have to take you to the starting point, follow the arrow that will lead you through magnificent landscapes at your own pace, without haste, and without fear of getting lost! The track will also include the various events/ stages of your Tour.

You’re not “obligated” to follow the trail; it’s just a hint. Of course, if you have dates in the basement or something, you’ll have to make sure you keep them.

Useful info and Cancellation

In case of bad weather (e.g., rainfall expected by the website of Meteo Aeronautica 48 hours before the event with a probability greater or equal to 50%), it will be possible to:

  •  postpone the experience by agreeing on a new date at no extra charge
  • cancel and receive a refund of the amount you paid net of 15 euro per person for organizational costs

For other situations you wish to cancel, please refer to the general conditions.

All tour details and addresses will be communicated after the confirmation and payment of the tour.


Want more ideas for Trekking in the Langhe?

Indicare i volori dei vigneti

ALBA Trekking: a path that starts from the center of Alba. After about 100 meters, you get to the legendary Bricco delle Capre. You will surely make the first stop to admire the horizon where you can recognize the Alps. With a map and good sense of direction you can locate the castle of Guarene, Magliano Alfieri, the castle of Santa Vittoria d’Alba, Roddi , Verduno, Diano d’Alba, Treiso and Barbaresco.
You will go towards the valley where the Seno d’Elvio stream flows.  

Who is Elvio?

Elvio is the Roman emperor Publio Elvio Pertinace born in this area. He ruled Rome for a few months and was killed in a conspiracy. The hamlet of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio owes its name to San Rocco, the patron saint and the emperor born here. It’s one of the areas of the Barbaresco DOCG.

From the valley of Seno d’Elvio, you go to the hamlet of Pertinace, and then you face the steepest climb of the route. You will find yourself again at the top, given Alba, with a very open view.

Alba and Beppe Fenoglio

Beppe Fenoglio’s works include “The Twenty-Three Days of the Town of Alba.” In this work, he captured the essence of the historical moments he lived through, describing both the horrors of war and the hopes and dreams of young people. Alba was the scene of his love and his interpretation of freedom. His words, for those living in the Langhe, convey emotions that touch the heart and create a deep connection with history and collective memory.

Alba: An Eternal Link with Fenoglio’s Memory

Alba is where Fenoglio spent his youth and found inspiration for his major works. Many references to pages from his books can be found in the town, and in the hills of Barbaresco that you will pass through on this trek, you can play at discovering parts of his books.

If you want more information about Beppe Fenoglio, you can read this short article about Piedmontese writers.

This is one of the Alba trekking itineraries I prefer, allowing you to take a nice walk in the green a few steps from the town.

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We spent a weekend excellently organized by Claudia dedicated to good wine and good food. Familiarity, friendliness, passion and professionalism found in every place recommended by Claudia. Wonderful experience
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laura pipperi Avatar
laura pipperi
Ottima esperienza!
Wonderful experience!
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Santo Postorino Avatar
Santo Postorino
5 star ratingExcellent tour of the Langhe. Claudia from Slowdays organised a week in Piemonte for my wife and myself during the truffle festival. She was most responsive to all our email requests and our various changes. We spent 2 months in Italy but Claudia helped make Piemonte a destination we will return to. A highlight was the truffle hunt with Charlie and his dog. It was an awesome morning trekking the hazelnut trees to watch him dig for truffles, a most engaging fellow. Claudia also organised all our accommodation, restaurants and drivers and everything went without a hitch. Our driver and guide for 2 days Gabrielle and he was absolutely amazing. We visited several wineries chosen by Claudia in the Barolo and Barbareso and they were the most passionate wine makers in most places that I've encountered. The lunches were great and because we most wineries and lunches were just the 2 of us. I cannot recommend Slowdays enough. It was organised exactly as we wanted it, tailored absolutely to us. Claudia also changed a departure time for us at short notice on a Sunday and that is service that you rarely receive any where. In conclusion, if you want a private guided tour from singles to groups of family or friends then this is the company to use. Claudia really did amaze me.
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EdsterAustralia Avatar
Wedding Anniversary in Alba Claudia went out of her way to organize the ebike tour for my husband and I even though she was "closed" for logistics matters. It was a fantastic and breath taking experience cycling through the rolling hills of Langhe through La Morra and Barolo. The biking guide was friendly, attentive and made sure that we were "safe" every bit of the way. We also signed up for the truffle hunting tour. The truffle hunter was so passionate about his work. His dog Gigio even found a white and black truffle for us that day. Thanks to Claudia and her team, my husband and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
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Sharon Goh Avatar
Sharon Goh


1. What is the best time to trek around Alba, the capital of the Langhe?

The best time to go hiking around Alba is during spring and fall. During these seasons, temperatures are mild, and the hills are tinged with vibrant hues, creating a magical atmosphere for exploring the region. Climatically, too, you can avoid the cold days of winter and the excessive heat of summer.

2. Is this trek challenging?

Alba trails are very suitable for those with minimal hiking training. There are climbs but they are not too heavy. The miles are about ten and so even from this point of view, I would say medium commitment.

3. What to wear while hiking?

While trekking around Alba, wearing comfortable and breathable clothing is advisable. Comfortable pants and a T-shirt. A light jacket to protect yourself from wind or any sudden rain. A good pair of sports shoes, possibly even hiking shoes, but it is not necessary. Essential, a light backpack with water. We will provide you with the map with our APP and the route drawn and tested!

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