Wine Tasting: Gift to make you remember
Barolo cellar

Wine tasting gift, to give a unique and unforgettable moment

One of our most popular boxes, wine tasting gift

There are important moments, moments that deserve a toast… Since we created our Gift Boxes, we have been involuntarily involved in many moments of happiness. The wine tasting gift/gift is much loved by our customers and explained why. I took the liberty of “stealing” some beautiful phrases used to accompany the Voucher and they will be the thread of this article.

Piedmont and Wines

Give a wine tasting to a boy who is graduating and who will share this beautiful experience with his girlfriend. We were particularly impressed by the sentence they wrote to him:

Every time the world sees a successful person, it only notices the public glory, and never the sacrifices made in private to achieve it: A wine tasting, a gift to savor fully as you know how to savor life!

Giving an experience is something apparently immaterial. In this world accustomed to quantity, volume, and so much in general, experiences are a world apart.

For those who give them because they recognize the value of time that the person will spend pleasantly, thanks to the gift given. For those who receive it who start to savor already the moment they read the description of the gift.

Giving wine tasting with a Voucher can also represent a way to share a taste, a perfume, an experience.

Let’s not forget that the Langhe, Roero, Monferrato, are lands of extraordinary wines. That maybe they are not yet so well known. And so they are a novelty for some people.

Bike Wine Tour

Also in E-bike and Vespa!

The Wine Tasting Gift can be the complement to a day on the bike or in Vespa.

Or maybe the grand finale of a walk through the vineyards.

Or, for the most prestigious gifts, a whole weekend to discover Langhe through wines and land escape (a personalized gift we create for our customers)

One of these weekends had a phrase that accompanied it: an unforgettable text

We will spend a weekend together tasting sparkling wines like the Alta Langa and your smile; intriguing as Barbaresco and your eyes and regal as Barolo and your poise…

Do you understand the range of ideas? You have endless possibilities to customize the Wine Tasting Gifts for all those you love.

Prestigious gift

Giving a wine tasting is to give prestige to the gift. Imagine someone who is important to your company. An enterprising and deserving employee, an agent who has passed the sales milestone you proposed. Or a supplier who works with your company and to whom you want to acknowledge your appreciation.

The phrase that struck us for one of these gifts was:

The suppliers for our company are an integral part of the gear. We choose them carefully and share risks and successes. Thank you for the work we have developed together during this year and I offer you a toast with wines that age as well as our collaboration…

More and more often I would like to associate experiences with the word Donate, instead of the Gift.

Donating means relationship. You give material objects, but you also give experiences, time, sensations that money is not able to quantify well.!


For your GIFTS: Give unforgettable experiences. Gift the Langhe with a tasting of excellent wines!


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