Vespa tour in search of giant benches: Choose freedom
Vespa Tour e panchine giganti

Vespa tour to go in search of Giant Benches

Have you heard about giant benches? How about finding them on a Vespa tour Giant Benches, and beyond?

Hop aboard a Vespa and set off on an unforgettable experience discovering giant benches! Take in breathtaking views, take some time to explore the places you’ll encounter along the way, and enjoy the feeling of freedom that only a Vespa tour can provide.

Now is the time to plan visits to new and interesting places. I will take you to admire the scenery while enjoying the breeze on your skin. Let the wind and two wheels take you through the most beautiful hills of Italy. You can stop among vineyards, beside castles and make many wonderful stops on the benches I will point out!

This tour is designed to hunt for benches, but you will find so much more. You will have the problem of too many stops! The warmer seasons are the best to enjoy the Vespa Tour Langhe and Benches!

A Vespa tour is not only fun but I also see a dash of adventure in it! If you are looking for excitement, lightheartedness and an opportunity for pure and simple fun, choose this experience. Strap on your helmet, face the road with confidence and set off in search of the giant benches. Join us and have an unforgettable and exciting experience!

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tour panchine giganti

Where to go on a Vespa in Piedmont?

Piedmont is a region that is increasingly appearing on the world tourist stage. I want to tell you about Piedmont on a Vespa, a special vintage way of visiting it.

Traveling the roads of Piedmont on a Vespa is an exciting experience. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life, a Vespa tour can help you enjoy the beauty of Piedmont’s countryside and vineyards.

Just a few miles from Turin, you will find the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato: Piedmont can offer fabulous itineraries for Vespa lovers. A Vespa tour through the landscapes and hills of this part of Piedmont is a perfect way to admire the unforgettable views that you will carry in your memory. Driving along back roads, you will discover small rural villages and famous wine cellars that make history in this region.

A Vespa Tour in Piedmont can also be an opportunity and a great excuse to savor the local cuisine and gastronomic specialties. The region is known for flavorful dishes such as agnolotto del plin, as well as top-quality cheeses to be enjoyed with a good glass of Barolo, Barbaresco and why not, excellent Barbera.

A Vespa tour in Piedmont can be an unforgettable experience! You’ll enjoy the sunshine, breathe in the fresh country air, admire enchanting scenery and taste the traditional flavors of the region. If you are ready to explore Piedmont on your Vespa, book your trip now!

vespa ride in the langhe

Where to go in the Langhe in a day?

We talked about Vespa tours, focused on Piedmont and then narrowed the area and focused on the Langhe. Now I’m going to give you an even more specific focus: a Vespa tour among the giant benches or Vespa Big Bench tour.

A day to spend enjoying the unspoiled nature of the Langhe, not forgetting magnificent castles and medieval villages, a pinch of art and history that characterize this area. Setting off on your Vespa will be the best way to enjoy every corner of this paradise: vineyards, wineries, country houses that have become elegant and cozy homes, and then giant benches!

From Barolo to Monforte d’Alba, you can admire breathtaking landscapes as far as the eye can see. Eat a sandwich in Serralunga d’Alba, an ice cream in La Morra, hazelnut pastries in Novello or a glass of wine … anywhere!

Vespa also allows you to stop for a picnic. I can provide you a picnic lunch and you can choose the best place. Or, if you don’t want to think about anything, I will organize a picnic for you in the green garden of a winery, with basket and excellent products to taste.

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How to tour the Langhe?

You can tour the Langhe by car, on foot, by bike or by Vespa. The magnificent landscapes demand a slower driving and Slow attention to all the details.

A Tour of the Langhe by Vespa is an unforgettable experience! Starting, usually from Alba, you can enjoy exploring the small villages that are hidden among the hills.

The Vespa is an ideal means of transportation for touring the area. The slower speed than a car allows you to enjoy the beauty of each village, each vineyard, and each view. You can stop whenever you want to smell the earth, take a few photos or just admire the scenery.

With a Vespa tour you will also have the opportunity to get to know local producers of excellent food and wine products and also the famous wines of the Langhe such as Barolo and Barbaresco.

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Where to go with the Vespa?

With the Vespa you travel on normal roads. Paved ones. How many kilometers? Let’s say that a good trip with the Vespa might have a 50-60 km route. No more because the goal is not just to do some road!

How to have less busy routes and to get to those places that “need to be seen”? Why is it good to have a thought-out route and organized stages?

You can find the answer yourself. If you want to enjoy a carefree and relaxing day, if you want to find scenic spots and maybe stop at some wineries for a tasting, it is definitely better to have a map and a route to follow. Designed for your day. We in SlowDays are committed to making your day, full and complete, but always SLOW. And that’s why we’ll create your day, with a map, reservations, and you’ll just have to ride your Vespa.

Vespa Langhe Hen party


Exploring the Langhe on a Vespa Tour is a fun and exciting way to discover the beauty of the region. Not only will you have the opportunity to admire breathtaking scenery but also to savor its unique culture and flavors. A Vespa tour in the Langhe is surely going to be an experience you will never forget!

Now I’ll leave you to this other article where I describe the Giant Benches of the Langhe. On the Vespa Tour I can arrange for you, you will be able to see 5-6 of them in a day. It depends on how many eating stops you make along the way!

Vespa Tour nelle Langhe

Here you have an example of Vespa tour in search of Big Benches


Giant Benches, Vespa Tour!

A tour of the Giant Benches by Vespa – Two possible formulas

From March to October
Entire Day

And so many other Langhe Vespa Tour ideas




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