Why am I not getting my voucher?
Category: Voucher

When the payment is completed, the voucher is issued directly by the procedure that manages our virtual store.
If you paid online with PayPal or Stripe, the payment after a few minutes is registered automatically. As a result, the voucher will be created and sent to the email address you entered.
If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer, I ask you to send me the transaction details. With this information, I will manually intervene and record the payment; I will initiate the voucher-issuing process. We do this operation during business hours. So if you urgently need the voucher and are purchasing outside office hours, consider that you will not be able to receive the coupon immediately.

In any case, whether you pay by credit card or by bank transfer, you may not see the voucher. It is issued within a maximum of 30-60 minutes after payment. If you can’t find it in the mail or have already checked the SPAM box, write to me. Sometimes your mail filters may have prevented delivery. I always have a copy of the vouchers issued and can send them back to you.

We are a small company and don’t have a call center to bounce you!


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