Roero wines could be defined as a “gem” for connoisseurs. Yes, because they are wedged between the two most important wine realities, the one of the famous red and white wines of Langhe and the one of their cousins from the great area of Monferrato.

The soil of this area has very different characteristics from that of the other bordering areas. It is an almost arid, sandy soil, which reminds us that in ancient times there was a sea here! The vines cultivated on these hills give fruits with a marked character. They are wines with a defined personality and that I love very much! On the other hand SlowDays lives in the Roero and has known Roero products for a long time.

Red wines and white wines from Roero, an important wine reality, with wineries that have already made themselves known and appreciated for their excellent products.

Let me make you my personal list with my suggestions to complete a nice collection of white and red wines from Roero!

Calici di vino bianco


red wines Roero

Red Wines of Roero

Red wines of Roero area are mainly produced with Nebbiolo grape of Piedmont. Grape which is the mother of powerful and great wines. In Roero has declined an excellent wine with a particular note that distinguishes it from its more blazoned brothers of Langhe!


produced in the Roero area, has managed to achieve fame and prestige equal to other great red wines of the region. It is as valid and appreciated as Barolo and Barbaresco. As opposed to these wines – which according to the production disciplinary are produced with Nebbiolo in purity – Roero Rosso wine can be produced with at least 95% of Nebbiolo and the remaining part with red berried grapes allowed in the area. Despite the disciplinary which allows the use of other varieties, Roero Rosso is in most cases produced with pure Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo grape is the most common one in Piedmont and it is also the origin of other famous wines in other areas. I would say this is a SLOW wine as well. A wine that accompanies dishes with a long cooking time, that loves to be understood and savored.



Calici di vino bianco

Roero white wines: not only fruit

Roero, as opposed to Langhe where practically every centimeter of the land is planted with vines, has woods and orchards. In its landscape can also be found very particular geological formations: the Rocche.

The soil is very sandy and for this reason Roero has different types of wine from Langhe


Roero Arneis wine is one of the main wines of Roero and it is produced in 19 municipalities. Did you know that in Piedmontese language the term Arneis indicates an extroverted, sunny and nice person? Roero Arneis wine is white, dry, very aromatic, even though it is not present in the list of aromatic wines. It has a bouquet of aromas such as sage, lime, flowers, grass and white fruits. For being a white wine it is pretty high in alcohol by volume (between 12.5% and 14% vol.) therefore excellent in matching with stuffed pasta, vegetable dishes and fish. Piedmontese white wine Roero Arneis is also very popular as an aperitif accompanied by a board of cold cuts and cheese…


In Roero white wines are very particular and appreciated. Just think this wine was called Favorita because it was the favorite white berried grape of king Vittorio Emanuele II. The same grape in Liguria is called Vermentino and Pigato, even though obviously in the glass it will have peculiar characteristics because it belongs to Roero wines.

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