Vespa Tour: Here's all you need to know to organize your Vespa Tour


It is the most innovative idea that Italy has ever had after the invention of the chariot of Ancient Rome.
(The Times)

That Oscar won in 1953 by Hepburn for “Roman Holiday” should have gone to the Vespa, because while Gregory Peck was courting Hepburn, the whole world fell in love with the other She.

You could drive from a seated position, you could easily put your feet on the ground, you were protected from rain and cold, there was – even – a spare wheel as in cars, and its simple construction made it practically maintenance-free and so reliable that it could also handle relatively long journeys, certain to have no problems.
(Roberto Segoni)

Vespa Tour

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A Vespa Tour: How to best prepare it

Have you ever been touched by the desire to drop everything and leave with a Vespa to… any place? If you have experienced the desire for freedom and the feeling of escape to a more beautiful world, you are in the right place!

Here are some tips to tackle “The Vespa journey” you’ve always dreamed of.

For a long Vespa trip of many days, you have to prepare yourself for every eventuality. The Vespa is a mechanical vehicle with parts that can create some problems. But you already feel the wind in your hair and the desire to feel the engine that takes you away is very strong: so let’s start the engine and start.

Giant benches of Piedmont riding a Vespa!

A day on a Vespa to discover the vineyards and wineries of Langhe! 2 possible options

All year round
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Our great classic! The Vespa tour with tastings in the cellar…choose the formula you prefer!

Vespa tour in the Langhe with wine tasting

A day on a Vespa to discover the vineyards and wineries of the Langhe!

All year round
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food


By popular demand our Vespa Weekend!

A weekend of absolute freedom riding our Vespas among the beautiful vineyards of the Langhe!

Langhe weekend with Vespa Tour

A night in selected facilities, a Vespa tour with packed lunch, visit and tasting in the cellar. Dinner included!


All year round
2 days and 1 night
Min 2 pax

What if I recommend a Vespa Tour to prepare your next vacation on a Vespa?

Have I discouraged you? Absolutely not! Being farsighted is the best way to enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable trip. A first step towards a Vespa Tour can be a Vespa Tour!

Why not take a Vespa Tour in preparation for your big Vespa ride? It will allow you to enjoy the freedom of the two wheels with the related problems managed by those who organize the Tour. Think about it and let me know your opinion.

What you absolutely must remember for your Vespa ride without problems

  1. Always check the gasoline. Trivial suggestion, I know. But you think you’ll find yourself in some nice place in the mountains, little crowded streets, no cell phone reception and … several kilometers from a gas station!
  2. Topic candles. If it is consumed, it will not give you the spark. What then? Better to have a spare and learn how to replace it. I read that if the candle does not work (maybe not even the spare one), with a lighter and some sandpaper. Maybe you’d better watch a tutorial for detailed explanations.
  3. Spare bulb. And yes, because if, taken by the view, you are surprised by the night, it is essential to light the way. To change the bulb, you need a screwdriver. Star-shaped!
  4. Are we also talking about possible breakage of the clutch wire? And the gas knob? Better to have the spare parts for this eventuality too
  5. Let’s move on to the flat tire. Joy and sorrow of every traveler! Very useful the tire repair kit. It is a spray can that emits a foam that allows you to repair the hole. For small punctures, it can be perfect. For large cuts … ahem … perhaps it is better to replace the rubber!
  6. Define the path. It’s okay to go aimlessly and following your instinct but having a minimum of programming can make the trip more enjoyable!
  7. Last but not least, you must have a minimum of familiarity with the two wheels: you must already have experience with these means. Attention while traveling on two wheels is a must.


Why choose SlowDays for your Vespa Tour?

  • Because we’ve known these territories from time immemorial
  • We have as rental suppliers capable, experienced and passionate people who love two wheels.
  • We create custom routes for your tour. It’s nice to get lost in the hills but it’s also nice to have landmarks to follow
  • Because with SlowDays you will have assistance during your Vespa Tour in Langhe
  • A day on a Vespa is always a good excuse to taste excellent wines.
  • Because if you feel like a picnic ready, to be tasted during the Tour, you can find it at the start.

Many other reasons are part of our experience for this type of Tour/Holiday. I suggest you come to Piedmont, Italy, in the Langhe to discover the other points. I’ll be waiting for you!

You are in the right place!

Are you determined to spend an entire vacation on a Vespa? without problems!

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