What Are Great Locations for Bike Tours in Northern Italy?
Best Destinations for Bike Tours in Northern Italy

Anyone looking for the best destinations for a bike tour in Italy might quickly get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. With places as varied as the Mediterranean islands, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, and the Alps, there are many to choose from. At Slow Days, however, we think the ultimate cycling destinations are all in northern Italy!

3 Best Destinations for Bike Tours in Northern Italy

Northern Italy is a region as diverse as they get. From the canals of Venice to the majestic architecture of Milan, from towering mountain peaks to alpine lakes and verdant countryside, it’s a destination that offers all kinds of bike tour options.

Whether you’re a recreational biker, an avid road cyclist, or a casual cycling tourist, you’ll find the perfect route for you in northern Italy. Below, we’ve picked the holy trinity of cycling destinations in northern Italy, from the mighty Dolomites to the shimmering Italian Lakes to the Piedmont vineyards.

1. Dolomites Bike Tours

Located in the northeastern corner of Italy, the Dolomites are a spectacular mountain range made up of jagged, sawtooth-like peaks and spires. It’s an area of rugged mountains, glorious valleys, and breathtaking alpine meadows.

Home to 18 summits higher than 3,000 meters, the Dolomites are UNESCO World Heritage Site for their distinct and varied rock formations, including sheer cliffs and walls, pinnacles, towers and spires, and deep valleys.

We don’t have to tell you that exploring this mountain area on two wheels can be challenging. Especially inexperienced or untrained bikers might have trouble with the long and steep ascents. Avid cyclists, however, will find one of the planet’s greatest cycling destinations here. Its many passes, switchbacks, wide-open vistas, and magnificent scenery are unparalleled in the world.

2. Italian Lakes Bike Tours

You can find more striking alpine scenery and some easier biking in the northern Italian Lakes Region. Easily reached from Milan, the amazing Italian Lakes lie less than 30 kilometers from the region’s main hub.

One of the main tourist destinations in Lombardy, northern Italy, the Italian Lakes offers a feeling of “Mediterraneanness” in the Alps. The villages surrounding famous lakes like Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Garda burst of color. Oleander shrubs, lemon trees, camellia bushes, and palm trees dot gardens on the shores of azure-blue lakes.

There are easy bike routes along the lakes, but also thigh-burning climbs. The Italian Lakes are ideal for all types of cyclists, in other words. It’s easily one of the most popular destinations for a bike tour in Italy.

3. Piedmont / Langhe Region Bike Tours

Our third region that’s excellent for bike tours in northern Italy is Piedmont. This verdant region encompasses the northwestern part of the country, comprised of areas like Roera, Monferrato, and Langhe. If you’re planning a bike tour in Piedmont, we recommend focusing on the Langhe Region.

Situated in the southern part of Piedmont, whose historic vineyard landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Langhe Region is one of Italy’s greatest gastronomic destinations. This is where you’ll find world-renowned wines like Barbera, Barolo, and Arneis, as well as foodstuffs like Alba’s white truffles, local cheeses and honey, and hazelnuts products.

The beauty of going on a bike tour in Langhe? You’ll burn off all the calories you consume during wine tastings and indulging in local snack platters!

Book Your Northern Italy Bike Tour With Slow Days

At Slow Days, we focus on Piedmont in northwestern Italy, specifically on the Langhe Region. So, if you’re looking for a gastronomic bike tour in Piedmont, we encourage you to check out our Piedmont bike tours here.


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