Why can’t I find your phone number?
Category: General Enquiries

Slowdays has chosen to communicate only by email for several reasons

  • We have to give an order to the requests that arrive: we don’t think it’s fair that a customer who calls takes away attention or has priority over another who has written an email.
  • Our tours are organized in close collaboration with our partners who are human like us and not machines! So even if we have tried to give a standard form to the products, behind there is always a craftsmanship work of fine-tuning, verification, adjustment: on the phone, we can almost never give “on the fly” the answers you are looking for, but we prefer to check them We are very few operators and we work remotely.
  • If one of us is talking to a client on the phone, it’s hard to keep track of what has been said. We give body and soul to SlowDays, but it’s important that we also preserve some piece of private life without a phone ringing at any time, working or not.
  • The written form, in the end, we believe it is also a protection for the customer with respect to what has been agreed upon.

We understand that to someone this method may create discomfort: we also like human contact, but at this time this is the only way of working that we are able to support and that also allows us to keep the right prices on our packages. We hope you can understand.


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