In the event of bad weather (rain forecast on the Aeronautical Weather website 48 hours before the event with a probability of more than or equal to 50% at the

The answer is: it depends! It depends on the type of tour, whether it involves an overnight stay or not, and on the availability in that period both of us

No, because ours are not standard experiences that are always the same. We collaborate with different wineries and it’s not always the same. Wineries change, routes change, wines change accordingly! 

Of course! Freedom for the imagination! Maybe let us know what you want to do so it won’t interfere with the plans, in fact, we’ll fit it in better! Especially

Have you seen one of our packages and think it might be right for you? Ok, send the link to your friends right away (I guess you have created a

Time is the dearest friend of customizations If you book well in advance you will definitely have an advantage!  It’s not always possible at the last minute, while we guarantee

In general, we follow the conditions that you find on this page and that we summarize below In case of withdrawal from the tourist package, the customer is, in any

Let’s just say that if the weather is really inclement, it can compromise the day! Otherwise, a little bit of risk sometimes can also be part of the experience. If

I am sorry, but this is not possible. We are not a portal that promotes other facilities or activities, but we organize them according to your interests and the availability