Weather forecasts only have a fraction of reliability from 48 hours before the date in question, so no earlier than that time, you should send an email to expressing

The answer is: it depends! It depends on the type of tour, whether it involves an overnight stay or not, and on the availability in that period both of us

It depends. Often the locations you choose are not exclusive, so it is essential to maintain the respectful behavior of other clients. We cannot indicate what is allowed and what

Have you seen one of our packages and think it might be right for you? Ok, send the link to your friends right away (I guess you have created a

There are several types of customization: Shifting experiences based on your needs or preferences for time and provider availability. In this case, it is not customization, and we can consider

In general, we follow the conditions that you find on this page and that we summarize below. In case of withdrawal from the tourist package, the customer is, in any

I am sorry, but this is not possible. We are not a portal that promotes other facilities or activities, but we organize them according to your interests and the availability