Truffle hunting in the Langhe

Characters and performers!

The scented truffle is hidden under the ground. Close to the roots of poplars, willows, oaks, elder, preferably solitary trees grows and ripens the King of tubers, the Tuber Magnatum.

The preferred soil is clayey, moist, perhaps exposed to the north. If the summer is too dry, the truffle struggles to grow and mature. I explain these things to satisfy some curiosity.  If instead, you want to become a finder of precious truffle, you better try to “bribe” some Trifulau!

Here are the trifulau, who in these days sharpen the “weapons”. They begin to bring their dogs to train, in the morning, or rather at dawn. So the dog is not distracted by the noise, and…the areas remain secret!

In the meantime, the most colorful season has arrived. The hills of the Langhe begin to dress in a yellow, orange, red foliage like a curtain that must open on the most melancholic and sweet season.

So let me tell you about the Truffle hunting in the Langhe. White truffle of Alba or the trifula, if you want to look like a native!

Truffle hunting: how does it work?
Upon arrival, you will meet the trifulau and the main actor, his dog..

The trifulau is a lover of nature, woods, walks, and dogs. And it is quite solitary. Because the search that leads to finding the place where the Truffle grows in the Langhe is a secret and well-hidden place. Because the Truffle King is habitual and loves to grow in the same place. And so if you find it today easily you will find it again next season.

His dog has been bred with affection and with small truffle prizes! It is a wonderful hunt. Without bloodshed and with a great scent.

After meeting the actors of the day you will be described the places, techniques, and some gastronomic hints of the world of truffles.

We start the Truffle hunting

Then we leave. We go to the woods. Very important comfortable shoes! And you feel step by step the tension that grows.

The voice of the trifulau that incites his dog

Dai, Dai, Brava, ancora ancora ” … and the dog that moves like a cheerful and excited bloodhound.

And then the magic moment. The dog smelled the treasure. And he digs with anxiety and impatience. And here the trifulau intervenes to calm him: the Truffle is there but at this point, there are two contenders. The dog who would like to bite it and the trifulau who wants to extract it gently.

The tension rises and the tasks are divided. The trifulau finds the Truffle and must take it away from the dog’s gluttony! But then the truffle comes out of its hiding place and we, all around, smell the intoxicating scent.

The dog calms down and receives a reward for his effort.

I hope to have transmitted to you, even only in part, the beauty of this challenge and the pleasure of understanding nature as it performs.

If then as a grand finale, even those who search together with the trifulau, get the prize, then the experience is well concluded.

Two eggs with one scratch? A plate of tajarin? The simpler the dish and the more you feel the truffle, this is obviously my humble opinion!

What are you waiting for? The best Truffle is in Autumn!


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