Trekking in the Langhe: the paths to walk back to the starting point
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Start again, from the beginning.

How many times have we told ourselves that we would do this? There are moments in our lives when we feel the pulsating need to renew ourselves, to start over, more aware and stronger than before. Some decide to change their lives in a clear and decisive way, others decide to make those changes they have longed for at a slower but still effective pace because it is the pace we really feel is ours.
To start again, we at SlowDays suggest you walk in Langhe and Roero: an activity as simple as it is important, to share with your family or friends or to live, why not, even simply in the company of yourself. Walking will help you make space between your thoughts, rediscover the most magical places in Piedmont and start again with that new positive energy that only uncontaminated nature like the Langhe and Roero can offer you.


Trekking in the Langhe: walking to rediscover (and rediscover yourself)

If you are wondering what to do in the Langhe and Piedmont to finally enjoy outdoor activities, here are our best tips for a vacation of rediscovery, of Piedmont, but also of yourself.


Stay local: ideas for exploring the Langhe on foot
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014, the wine-growing and wine-producing landscape of Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato offers many ideas for a day of walking and trekking: you can walk along gentle slopes, enjoy the sweet spring air that runs through the vineyards and experience the countryside that surrounds you every day with a new look.

Where to start? You can take a look at the ideas we have collected here to give you many ideas for unforgettable trekking in the Langhe. From guided trails to walks with apps for a self-guided route, there is no lack of ideas: if there is one thing that characterizes the SlowDays team, it is creativity.

Here are some examples:

  • Would you like to explore the Langhe with your family? You could think of a day of trekking alternating with games and tastings.
  • If you prefer to enjoy a day exploring the Langhe and walking independently, a walk with a guided tour in the Langhe with tasting could be just the thing for you.
  • Are you looking for something longer than a single sunny day in Piedmont? You could think about booking a Weekend walking in the Langhe with tastings, to be done with a guide or in self-guided mode with app updated with the best trekking routes in the Langhe.

In the Langhe not only for walking: how about renting an e-bike or Vespa?

Ebike and Vespa could be an original and less tiring way to explore the Langhe: you can always alternate a trekking outing with an exploration tour of the charming villages in the surrounding area that make the Langhe such a precious jewel for visitors. From self-guided routes to tastings to luggage delivery and bike transport services, SlowDays is at your side to accompany you on your way to rediscover the Langhe by bike and Vespa.


The app with the best walking routes: also available offline

Did you know that SlowDays offers an app with the best trekking and hiking trails in the Langhe and Roero? Perfect to consult both for visits by bike, Vespa and for hiking and trekking, the app is designed specifically for you who want to explore the area, complete with the updated map of the routes we suggest – the most popular and those customized by us – full of ideas and explanations to consult on-the-go. The app detects your position and follows you along the entire route.

Best of all? That you can consult it even when you are offline, downloading the maps just before you leave for your day of trekking or Vespa/bike visit.


Trekking in the Langhe: ready to (re)start?

The best is yet to come! We are preparing many interesting activities for you, including a yoga retreat, survival day, and much more. There are many things to see and do in the Langhe and Roero: families, groups of friends, or lonely visitors can spend a day alternating long walks with games and tastings.

SlowDays offers several packages to walk the whole territory in complete peace of mind. From luggage transport to apps for self-guided routes, from ring routes to departures every day from a different point: walking through the Langhe will never have been so exciting!

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