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13th of October – 2 pm

This will be an event for those who love and want to deepen their knowledge of the most important and famous wine of the Langhe, Barolo wine!

An afternoon dedicated to an in-depth study of the production, characteristics, and secrets of some excellent Barolo wines.

A Sommelier will accompany you on a sensory journey. The Langhe hills, from Barolo to Serralunga, will be the stage. The actors, the Barolo wines of two extraordinary producers.

Departure from Alba at 1.30 pm, from the Train-Station. Comfortable bus with a maximum of 20 seats.

The first stop of the Tour del Barolo with Sommelier will be at


Who is it?

The history of Massolino and its wine is linked to the history of Serralunga d’Alba in 1896 when Giovanni founded his winery. John is the first to

The first winery was built by Giuseppe, son of the founder Giovanni, who, together with his sister Angela, extended the properties to the best terrains and in 1934 was one of the founders of the “Consorzio di Tutela Barolo e Barbaresco”. At the time, Giuseppe’s family had six children. Three of them, Giovanni, Camilla, and Renato, will follow in his father’s footsteps, giving a turning point to the company with the purchase of cru that is real jewels: Margheria, Parafada and Vigna Rionda.portare electricity in the village. An enterprising man, tenacious and creative, founder of a family that has made the union between inspiration and tradition a reason for pride.

WHERE?   Serralunga D’Alba

Serralunga d’Alba is a picturesque medieval village of about 500 inhabitants situated on one of the beautiful hills of the Langhe region, in the heart of the production area of Barolo, 414 m. above sea level. Initially, its name was Serralonga Albensium Pompeianorum and reflected its geographical position: its territory is in fact composed of a strip of land 7100 m long and wide in the widest part 1800 m., surrounded by ridges that protect it from winds and storms. The town is dominated by its imposing 14th-century castle, built between 1340 and 1350 by the Marquis Falletti di Barolo. The Falletti family, bankers whose fortunes were based above all on commercial and exchange activities, assumed a fundamental weight in politics and military initiatives and at the same time implemented a policy of territorial rootedness by acquiring castles and territories.

Followed by a second tasting at:


Who is it?

1847 The origins of the company belong to the Colla family, who have been cultivating vineyards in Piedmont since the mid-nineteenth century. The territory of origin is Santo Stefano Belbo, land of the great Moscato, Langa that borders the Monferrato then became the Pavesian place. Generation after generation, the family moved to Alba, in particular to Diano d’Alba, a hill of excellence for Dolcetto, where Paolo Colla was born in 1913.

Paolo Colla vinifies Dolcetto with great passion but dreams of Barolo. It was in 1961 that he managed to acquire a farmhouse in La Morra where he was finally able to cultivate and vinify Barolo. From the beginning, they are wines rich in great finesse and longevity, and they obtain important recognitions in the main oenological competitions of the time.

The history of the family crosses these lands and the vinification, even sophisticated, that allow it to offer a range of products of pure respect. A particular attention to quality leads them in 2003 to adopt the vinification of the estate crus.

The aim is to micro-vinify the vineyards into small sub-particles, in order to understand where the best quality of each hill is, the peculiarities of the various areas of the vineyard, and the best way to make wine.


The vineyards are distributed between the Langa and the Roero and include some of the best crus in the Barolo area.

End of activity at 6.00-6.30 pm

Price of the Tour of Barolo with Sommelier

120 Euro per person including
  • transport from Alba
  • accompanying sommelier guide
  • 2 visits and tastings
Reservations within Friday, September 28th using the box at the top left with the words “BOOK”.
WE WELCOME for this wonderful experience in the Langhe!

13th of October 2018 – 2 pm