The Roero, hidden wonder 2go travel and discover by walking
Passeggiando sopra a Canale

The Roero, hidden wonder 2go travel and discover walking and walking … we met the S1

This week, SlowDays had the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with its wonderful territory … Roero’s! Yes yes because SlowDays is born right there and just between rocks and hills has its own heart!

The Roero is the ideal place for outdoor activities, for walks in the nature and … also, of course, for extraordinary tastings of food and wine! 2go travel in hidden places!!

This week we went through the first stage of the S1, the great Roero trail that crosses it completely from Bra to Cisterna d’Asti.

We have traveled the first stage of about 22 Km on a beautiful sunny day in April. Still fresh air, the ideal climate for walking!

The Roero landscapes gives you surprises: few miles away from Langhe everything seems so different!  Let us admire the marvelous rocks along the way!

we discover why we can still see the fossils that immediately recall the presence of the sea in the wind, not too far away. With a naturalistic guide, we learn about the animals that populate the Roero’s forests and enjoy the cool and the magic of intricate woodland trails.


Trekking in the Roero

is the best way to slowly enjoy this wonderful area. There are plenty of trails, and everyone can decide to go hiking in these beautiful hills or in the Langhe to spend a day in harmony with nature … book the Trekking in the Langhe!

Roero is also a land of beautiful and renowned wines, first of all the Arneis, a fresh, fruity white, ideal for an aperitif on the terrace  (Roero obviously!) Or to accompany fish and vegetables.

The white wines of this area represent a pride for the cellars. You can visit it and combine in a day with Langhe wine tour, so you can break a bit the hegemony of the great reds, such as Barolo and Barbaresco.



SlowDays offers wine tours (wine roads and Langhe wine cellars) combining, if you want, with a walk in the Roero. You can also visit a cellar to taste the fresh whites such as Arneis and Favorita or his royal brother Barolo and Barbaresco, Roero red wine always produced from Nebbiolo grapes.

The Roero wineries will often have great surprises like the Crutin, wonderful cellars dug into the tuff, where the geological eras are all imprinted in the earth’s layers that preserve precious bottles.

Let yourself be conquered by Roero and you will be able to tell your friends about your return to discovering a “hidden” place and still unknown for so many tourists!


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