The Langhe round and gentle hazelnut harvest
Torta di nocciole Langhe

Talk about Langhe hazelnuts at time of grape harvest??

I know that we are all ready to talk about the grape harvest, about how this vintage was for Nebbiolo, which will later become Barolo; we are ready for the Truffle Fair and for the great autumn events in the Langhe, but today I want to take a step back.

I’m going to return to talk about hazelnuts! I mentioned it some time ago in another article and we are now talking about it for the harvest season that is ending.

It is the beginning of September and the harvest began after August 15th as per tradition.

Even for hazelnuts, the vintages are not all the same: this one does not seem to be the best from the point of view of quantity, but excellent in quality.

In this territory so generous in products of excellence, hazelnuts have always been the protagonists of local agriculture and the great Ferrero di Alba industry has given a boost to the enhancement of this extraordinary fruit of the earth. The production of Langhe and Roero is no longer sufficient to meet the entire needs of Ferrero and often small producers prefer to create their own niche with small productions of the highest quality.

But before proceeding, a question: have you already tasted the “round and gentle”? I’m not saying this because I’m a bell-tower, but it really is a different matter from ordinary hazelnuts! And then all the sweet and savory preparations and gastronomic recipes in which they are used, a world to be discovered!

As always I like to deepen and then this year I asked Ilaria, a young producer of hazelnuts of the Langhe, round and kind, to host me for a day during the harvest to really understand everything about how it works!

It was an extraordinary experience that acquired a unique flavor thanks to the people who allowed me to live it.

Mummy Giuliana, daddy Roberto, and Ilaria are a special family.

Together they have been growing hazelnuts for decades, but it was with Ilaria that they decided to create their own product line and no longer sell their precious fruits to third parties. So they could really do their way and decided to fully respect the nature around them. We obviously like this choice very much and we think that it should be enhanced and supported!

The hazelnut of the Langhe is now governed by a bill that will allow the wording “hazelnut of the Langhe” on all derived products. And this is an important achievement for those who have dedicated themselves for years to the cultivation of this excellent product.

Looking for hazelnuts.

Their farm is immersed in an uncontaminated wood that is only 10 minutes from the city. It seems like arriving in another world, made of silence, freshness and pure nature. The protagonists are the trees of the forest, the hazelnut groves and then the animals: the farm’s dogs, the horse, the donkeys… Man lives in complete harmony with the environment showing us that it is still a possible choice.

It was really interesting to understand the difference between organic and conventional hazelnut farming; to touch with one’s own hands the hard work of harvesting hazelnuts in the midst of the grass which, without the use of herbicides, grows luxuriant and makes the whole process much slower and more difficult.

It often happens that the machine used to collect them gets stuck and so the work stops, we proceed to unblock them and we start again… Which obviously does not happen with the “clean” soils that look like floors!

Dad Roberto tells us how they decided to differentiate themselves on the market with products of the highest quality. With a very low environmental impact (the packaging is all made of glass) and with refined and rare raw materials (such as coconut flower sugar with a low glycemic index).

Langhe hazelnuts and donkeys

Ilaria tells us about the donkeys that eat the grass that is used instead of the herbicide, mother Giuliana oversees, “blows” the hazelnuts without ever stopping and smiles satisfied and proud of the road taken.

As always, it is the people who make the difference: they do it in all the companies, but above all, they do it in the experiences we propose. The visit and tasting in this reality can really be an unforgettable moment, rich in authenticity and discovery.

A moment that I recommend to all those who want to visit the Langhe and go beyond the, albeit extraordinary, wine tastings and visits to wineries.

This time we focused on the harvest, but the visit to the laboratory is really interesting, especially if followed by the inevitable tasting, a priceless delight!

Langhe hazelnuts and wine

Giuliana’s brother who lives in the same courtyard produces wine. It happens in the Langhe, when you are a farmer, you are it all round. So the experience can become even richer with an excellent tasting of the genuine wine of Armando.

In short, once again, an experience to live and a product to taste to get to know the territory.

Contact us to organize the tour of the Langhe designed by those who really know the Langhe!

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