3 good reasons why it is worth living in the Granda Hello, all my Slowdays friends! We are on the verge, a few hours and we will say goodbye to the old 2019 to welcome the new year, 2020. We want to close the year with a special article, a few weeks ago the Province of Cuneo appeared in 21st place on the quality of life of Sole24Ore, qualified as

All the most beautiful Christmas traditions of our territory The most eagerly awaited and colorful festivities of the year have finally arrived, Christmas is just around the corner, as is the long-awaited 2020. Today, with this article, Slowdays wants to tell you about the most important traditions and celebrations of our territory and, in general, of Piedmont. The shepherd Gelindo I want to start by telling you immediately the magical

Hello friends of Slowdays! I introduce myself, I’m Giorgia, a 23 year old girl, social media manager who just got in touch with the small but beautiful reality of Slowdays! Until now I had no idea that customizing a holiday or a tour was so easy and immediate, I tell you with this article what you need to know about it and how Slowdays will make your holidays unique, slow

Couldn’t miss an article in our blog about the legendary White Alba Truffle! The season is the right one, or rather, let’s say that from this week (we are in mid-October) until the end of November we enter the period in which truffles are really the best, most fragrant and tasty. Why is autumn the best season for truffles? Because it is cold at night because there is humidity in

The request My name is A*** and I am from Iceland.  We are about 6-8 couples that are interested in a gourmet wine - bike trip in Piedmont.  We have drunk a lot of wine from Piedmont in the past and are interested in the region.  We are thinking one week. What do you offer? The times It was February 09, 2018, the Icelanders' holiday took place from 1 to
The High Langa that sweetens your day! Today I went to discover a wonderful world: The world of bees and their extraordinary product, honey. At home, when I was a kid, there was a book about the world of bees. Many times I have seen documentaries and even transmissions about these small and hard-working insects. I always knew that they were a species that was organized in a complex way.

Talk about Langhe hazelnuts at time of grape harvest?? I know that we are all ready to talk about the grape harvest, about how this vintage was for Nebbiolo, which will later become Barolo; we are ready for the Truffle Fair and for the great autumn events in the Langhe, but today I want to take a step back.

Why should a walk in the Langhe be different from other walks? Let's say that walking is really a Slow movement and therefore identifies perfectly with the philosophy of my little Tour Operator. Let's say that walking in the Langhe is a complete, satisfying and very involving experience, just like the accent I try to put on the SlowDays experiences. Let's say that crossing certain countries, admiring certain landscapes, being

Langhe Roero and Monferrato: A holiday in Piedmont. A holiday in a Unesco site! So, let’s start with the basics:

Easter Monday is spent in company and is always marked by indecision… a lot of ideas, many places that you would like to see, but also many unknowns.