Slowdays and 3 good reasons to choose E-bike
E-bike in Langhe

E-bike: a green and slow choice, say Slowdays!

Welcome back, friends of Slowdays! Today, with this article, we want to tell you a little bit about the E-bike world listing 3 good reasons why we support this completely green bike and why an electric bike can give a decisive turn to your holiday.

1. More power without too much effort

Once you have an E-bike everything will be much easier and you won’t have to give uphill trails or those valleys too far away. Slowdays customers who have chosen an E-bike tour have been satisfied with one thing above all: they have cycled through the Langhe without any effort and managed to reach distant and hidden peaks, for them discovering the charm of the Langhe hills has never been so easy. In short, if you want to enjoy in a “slow” way the riches that Mother Nature has given us, E-bike is for you.

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2. Keep fit with carefreeness

Don’t think that riding an E-bike is like riding a moped or motorcycle! Obviously, E-biking requires a minimum of physical preparation to ride along paths and valleys. With the arrival of spring and beautiful days why not combine the enjoyable with the useful? Get on your E-bike and keep fit and enjoy the air of the Langhe! Cycling in the city with smog, confusion and traffic will never be as relaxing as cycling in the hills among the chirping of birds. We at Slowdays are convinced that choosing E-bikes is beneficial both physically and mentally, and relaxation is guaranteed for body and mind.

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3. A green choice in this grey world

In such a grey world where pollution reigns supreme, why not opt for a completely green solution? As you may have understood, the E-bike is not a moped but it is not even an ordinary bicycle; in fact an E-bike can reach up to 25 km/h by law, the right speed to move without too many problems in the city or in the countryside. For short trips or simply to enjoy a few hours in the open air the E-bike is the ideal solution, friendly to man and the environment.

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Slowdays proposals

Slowdays offers several packages including E-bikes, some examples? One of or self-guided E-bike tour with wine tasting, tour in total autonomy with a visit to the winery and tasting of the extraordinary wines of the Langhe; the tour includes: E-bike rental, map to follow on app, assistance service for the duration of the tour. If you are looking for something more intense, Slowdays offers you 4 days by E-bike in the Langhe, a tour to discover the lands of Langhe and Roero during which you can enjoy the view and cover many more kilometers than you thought possible … even uphill! We remind you that each tour is customizable and that our Claudia is available to listen to all your requests trying to organize the most suitable tour, tailor-made for you!

We are waiting for you in our structure in via XXV Aprile 5, 12040 Corneliano d’Alba (CN) and we remind you to continue to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts where very often we publish photos of our adventures!


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