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Customize your trips and live a magical experience

No more standard packages, no more trips all the same, from today the music changes and Claudia from SlowDays plays it. Always on our site, there are travel packages already finished and complete with every detail, but what some still do not know is that the same packages can be modified according to the needs of those who book: we can add, remove and put back. The ultimate goal for SlowDays is just one: to make a mark on the customer, to give a magical experience, so unique as to remain impressed in the heart.

The excellence of the UNESCO World Heritage

How does a personalized tour come about?

Easy, you ask and Claudia fulfills every wish. The territory is large, you need a thinking mind that knows it well as it knows the pockets of their pants and Claudia is a true expert. You can choose between Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato, you can concentrate only on these territories or make it the starting point of an unforgettable tourist route!

What often holds back us from asking for the customization of a trip is certainly the cost, which is a sore point for many. Customizing, however, is not always synonymous with an excessive cost. You can agree with Claudia, set a budget, and still customize your trip unforgettable, without having nasty surprises!

Another false myth that revolves around custom tours is to book “blindly”. For a variety of agreements and reasons, you can not know the names of the facilities that will host you before the confirmation of the package, which is done by advance payment. This does not depend on SlowDays but on some types of structures. Claudia, of course, will describe the package with all the possible details, trying to extinguish all your doubts, once the confirmation has taken place know that it is always in time to change if something does not fit your taste.

Discovering the Langhe has never been so much fun!

SlowDays’ proposals

Where do you start to customize a travel package? Good question. SlowDays provides the basics to which you can add other experiences in cooperation with Claudia. The basic packages are varied, ranging from birthdays in the Langa to self-guided tours by bike through the hills of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. SlowDays also offers wine and cheese lessons, cooking classes, and picnics in the vineyards, we have packages to involve an entire family: from children to adults. And why not also try an independent itinerary or not to discover the Langhe? If you add a visit to tasting at the great producers of wines and cheeses, the game is over! You can be a beekeeper for one day and the next you can discover the famous Tonda Gentile and the Lavender fields cultivated in Alta Langa!

A custom tour in the Langhe region must consider the food and wine spots!

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