Last chapter of the Wine Tour: How to prepare it?

We arrived at the last part of this trip in the preparation of a Wine Tour!

Thank you for coming here in my company!

Remember that the First, Second and Third parts are at your disposal on Slowdays. it.

We are now entering the very heart of the preparations and the advice that I would like to give you:

Get yourself driven:

One of the easiest ways to appreciate Piedmontese wines and hills is to be guided by an expert. In this case, local and/or national tour operators are sure to give you the extra quid that makes the difference. There are two main options:
  • A tour open to a group of people: It can be a little less personal and certainly not customizable. It has the advantage of being cheaper and could be interesting to get an idea.
  • A tour organized in detail by a trained Tour Operator who customizes your trip and makes appointments, booking them for you. But you can do it yourself. Following only the rhythm of the combined appointments.

The last possibility includes a personal guide that accompanies you and follows you throughout the entire tour. Not only will it accompany you in the cellars, but it will also offer you a personal and detailed view of the views, monuments and traditions of the areas you visit.

Come preparare un tour dei vini. Guida pratica

If you want an example of how these Tours can be declined, you can go to SlowDays. it and get an idea.   

When you have booked your Tour, remember the tasting etiquette:

Respect the appointments made.

Do not drink everything if you don’t want it!

Move the wine inside the glass, rotating it, before tasting it: this is the best way to expand the aroma of wine.

Buy a bottle: It will seem strange to you because you may have already paid for the tasting. But it is a good norm and a sign of appreciation. The producer will be flattered.

Payment: If you purchased the Tour from a Tour Operator, the problem does not arise. If you’re doing everything on your behalf, remember that many manufacturers don’t have a credit card. So better have cash to pay

Tastings for a fee: Yes, in the past they were not paid. Even today, some wineries are still less and less tasting free of charge. I think you will understand that for them it became a considerable investment in time and product and that it had a strong impact on their budgets. Paying for a tasting is more and more frequent and respects the work and costs incurred by the Producer.

To conclude

Choose without fear any time of year to come to Piedmont. Each season has its own charm and special features. The only constant is represented by the variety of wine production, each year richer and more accurate. And then, not just wine!  Our starters, first courses, cheeses and meats, not to mention desserts, will be the best way to honor more or less famous bottles. Hard to forget


Then a Slow Tour, for some Slow Days in Piedmont, do you feel like a good goal?

We are waiting for you!


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