In Piedmont we love Lavender
domenica nella lavanda alta langa

We love Lavender in Piedmont, did you know that?

There are magical moments that are created without us noticing it. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th we found ourselves in a magical place, with a perfect light, with a fascinating story and with people involved and kidnapped by what they had around them.

Sale San Giovanni hosted us to enjoy the sunset and its scents!

These moments are the result of many small choices that have taken away time to put them in line, that have involved me in long phone calls and many sheets of notes. Moments that I had already experienced with the first edition of 2016 and that had already fascinated me then. In 2016 we had arrived in the camps of Lavanda in broad daylight. It was a cloudy day but I still understood how much the earth wanted to tell us. In 2017 I wanted to give her the opportunity to express herself at sunset and the magic has come true!

An explosion of colors, an extraordinary energy that enveloped all of us who participated in such beauty. The Arboretum Prandi told by a guide who for how much he knows seems to have come from another planet and that takes us in years to come to that dreamer who with his energy and his vision has left us a treasure in a forest.

I am here that I write these lines and feel in my nose the scent of lavender, in my eyes the yellow and purple color of the fields after the green of the trees, in my ears the stories and experiences of those who live and work with love, and then in my heart the energy that we all transmitted.

These days pay off with the interests of every minute spent organizing them. They are the fuel that guides me and that pushes me to find new ways to go on holiday. New places to discover. Slow experiences to live, taste, touch and smell.

Magic places in Piedmont, unique places in Italy. Let’s respect them, let’s love them and they will make us serene and satisfied.

Some images for share emotions with us!



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