How about you come to the Langhe for your bridal shower?

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One of your dear friends is getting married!

You and the closest group of friends of the bride decided that it is right to celebrate together and then you start with the preparations!

One of the most important steps to decide the best thread of a bridal shower is the definition of the place where it will take place, or “location”.  🙂

More and more often, the bride’s friends choose to celebrate, creating moments of aggregation, sharing an authentic, warm and sincere fun! With an eye to the tastes of the bride and carefully avoiding putting her in trouble or embarrassment!

So for a shy bride, it will be right to avoid making her walk with the wedding veil in the main street; for a not very athletic bride you will not choose to do a whole day by mountain bike! But it will also be right to organize a trip on a Vespa if the bride loves to be outdoors and feel the wind in her hair!

What does the Langhe have to offer for a bridal shower?

Considering that the Langhe is in itself a place where experiences have an “intense flavor”, where you still live authentic moments and not pre-packaged, where the joy that accompanies the girls who celebrate the bride is watched with sympathy by the locals, let’s say that you can find here:

  • A tour by e-bike or Vespa that will take you on the rolling hills, where you will take unforgettable photographs!
  • Small and authentic wineries where you can taste more or less full-bodied wines and toast to the future of the bride!
  • Trattorias where you can talk to friends and remember the moments that have united you. Anecdotes that will be well seasoned with tasty and rich dishes. With vegetarian, traditional and light offers… for all palates!
  • SPA where you can spend moments of well-being in the company of the bride. Sharing a sauna, a whirlpool, a glass of wine to laugh, smile and celebrate!

If you can be moved by a song, then you can organize a private concert. In one of the magical places that these hills reserve. And celebrate the bride with “her songs”.

How long will you be together? It depends on a thousand things! The important thing is that you have a quality time. A time when each photo will remember a particular, will tickle your memory and will make you immediately appear a smile!

I forgot! The bridal shower in the Langhe is never “over the top”. It’s never excessive. It can be effervescent and appetizing but always and anyway with a tender heart, nice and SLOW!




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