Choosing a place to eat in the Langhe, Monferrato, or Roero is difficult. Do you know when you stand in front of the ice cream counter, and you have to choose “only three flavors” but you would like to taste at least twelve? Picking a restaurant in the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero is more or less like that.

The choice is multiple, the quality is excellent, and the chances of finding something unique are highly probable.

So I’ll give you some ideas, restaurants, and trattorias that I love, but know that the best way is to wander around and stop and browse.

Each village has its traditions and specialties. Each season brings scents and flavors you find in the dishes, and then the inevitable excellent wine will do the rest!

The Langhe is a region with a great culinary tradition. The cuisine of the Langhe is characterized by a wide variety of agricultural products that are the basis of excellent regional dishes.

Restaurants in the Langhe often offer meat-based menus, such as braised beef with Barolo wine and truffle fillet, homemade pasta dishes, and side dishes of local vegetables and mushrooms. Desserts such as Bunet, a pudding made with chocolate and macaroons, or hazelnut cake that you found in many flavor variations.

Restaurants in the Langhe also have an excellent selection of local wines to accompany the dishes. In the Langhe, you will find cozy, elegant restaurants, small gems, or large convivial rooms, but you will always find great words to enjoy at the base.

Let’s go then and sketch out this small list of restaurants of the heart.


gemma di roddino e i tajarin

Langhe restaurants - but also trattorias and inns!

Le tagliatelle "stese" ad asciugare

The Langhe and its full-bodied flavors

Let’s imagine a tour starting from Alba. Here we also find starred restaurants (even a 3* Michelin, Piazza Duomo restaurant), but you’ll find these on your own!

I would say that a meal at the Osteria dei Sognatori, classic Osteria with a menu by voice or written on the blackboard, is a friendly and casual atmosphere. They do not book.

Another excellent, quality place, especially for meat lovers, is Trattoria del Bollito. The menu is rich in tradition, and the small venue is.

For a dinner or a complete lunch, I recommend the Restaurant Osteria dell’Arco. An essential part of the SlowFood movement since its origins! On the website, you can also find the Osteria del Boccon Divino di Bra, which shares philosophy and belonging.

Leaving aside the mythical GEMMA di Roddino which has now become a monument of the Langa 🙂 And that I photographed while kneading its famous tajarin!

The matter gets even more complicated to taste while wandering around the Langhe because the choice is vast. And so I will give you some ideas about the village to visit:

Neive and the Aromatario – Roddino and Uri Sapori condivisi – Monforte and the Restaurant I Rebbi – Serravalle and La Coccinella – Alta Valle Belbo Ca’d Tistu (very involving experience!) –

Very welcome lunch at La Torricella in Monforte d’Alba, where you can also book the spa to relax before or after the tasty lunch.

A special mention for a special occasion, definitely La Ciau del Tornavento di Treiso!

But you can also feel emotions going to small villages like Castino, where you can eat at Trattoria del Peso (it has no website) or enjoy lunch or dinner in Bossolaschetto. Da Fabiana

Upscale, also open for lunch and with a beautiful view: Bovio di La Morra. Great dishes, good service, mid- to high-priced. Excellent wine list.

I would add an elegant restaurant with an incredible view: I Cannubi – La Carretta.

I will add more names and keep you up to date on my places of the heart in the Langhe!


Salsiccia di Bra

The SlowFood movement was born in Bra, the capital of Roero, and from here, it leaves to reach the entire world of catering and food tradition to be handed down! The Roero belongs to the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato areas. It wedges as a territory but has its distinct personality.

Bra and sausage. Bra and its excellent meats. But also Bra and its gardens and its cheeses. We remind you that Cheese and cheeses peacefully invade this town every two years. And then it is worth trying the historical Ristorante Battaglino,

the Boccondivino I mentioned earlier and the Caffè Boglione, a historical place where you can taste a good dish in a sophisticated and historical environment.

Turning in the Roero is worth going to Canale, that with its Enoteca del Roero, allows you to taste some dishes and excellent wines.

A typical tavern in Monteu Roero is the Cantina dei Cacciatori, with excellent house wine in the carafe.

I love Cisterna d’Asti the Ristorante Garibaldi c very much

he will amaze you with his Mixed Fried!

Remember that the Roero area is famous for its white wines. You absolutely must taste a good Arneis or Favorita.

Now I am going to tell you a very personal fact about Arneis. I had a grandmother who was an excellent cook. She loved to prepare unforgettable Sunday lunches. She lived in Canale, in the Roero, of course! During a Truffle Fair many years ago, they organized a prize among home cooks. They had to prepare a dish using Arneis wine. It was this DOC’s early years, and they wanted to make it known. Well, it created a plate, so good but so good, that it won the first prize. Since then, the recipe for “rabbit all Arneis” has become one of our party dishes. And we have also often adapted chicken with the same formula, creating a “grannadeliciousness” that makes us remember it fondly and nostalgically 🙂


Chickpea Farinata of Nizza

I would say to start with La Miraja. Winemakers and wine producers for many generations. Today they run a farmhouse that offers events, a menu of the month, and traditional dishes, always accompanied by excellent wine.

A good place is the Ristorante San Carlo di Tigliole

of Asti (a very cozy and pleasant personal environment)

If you are in Acqui Terme (maybe taking a SPA tour), you might have a lot of appetites! I can advise you about Trattoria Manzini,

where they also make excellent Farinata! For the Farinata, I recommend a trip to Nizza Monferrato, and you can have lunch or dinner at Le due Lanterne (no website).

For a dinner, an apericena or a glass of wine in joy, in San Damiano d’Asti, you can try the Agrivineria la Cava dei Vini (no website).

Farmhouse of excellent level, near Alessandria, is surrounded by greenery and of excellent quality,  Ristorante Olimpia.

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