Fresh air and freedom: how it feels to live a Vespa Tour in the beautiful Langhe region in Italy
vespa tour Langhe Piedmont Italy

Sure, Italy is famous for its car manufacturing, from Alfa Romeos and Fiats to Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but that’s not necessarily applicable to you, a visitor looking for fun activities and experiences. What is interesting, however, is a Vespa tour in Italy.

These iconic motorcycles are arguably the most famous form of tourist transportation in the country. And there are many reasons for that. In this article, we provide you with three awesome reasons to go on a Vespa tour in Italy’s beautiful Langhe Region.

How It Feels to Go on a Vespa Tour in Italy’s Beautiful Langhe Region

As a travel company that focuses exclusively on Piedmont in northwestern Italy, and specifically on the Langhe Region, we have plenty of experience and expertise in Langhe tourism. We know exactly where the region’s secrets are hidden, where to find the best food and wine, what the best things to do are.

A Vespa tour in Italy’s Langhe Region is unquestionably one of the top activities in this part of Italy, which is blessed with gorgeous cultural landscapes, historic cities, world-class restaurants, and vineyards. In fact, we wholeheartedly believe there is no single better way to explore and discover the Langhe Region than by Vespa. These are our three main reasons.


One of the greatest benefits of having your own wheels is the ultimate freedom this gives you. Whether it’s a car, bicycle or Vespa, this way you can cover much greater distances than you’d ever could on foot.

In addition to a wider operating radius, you can also stop wherever and whenever you please. It’s you who decides what you do, how long you spend somewhere when it’s time to move on. That’s a massive reason why Vespa tours in Italy are so popular, especially in the Langhe Region.


Fresh Air

While cars are obviously the fastest way to explore a region, they have one huge disadvantage: you’re literally locked in an enclosed space. You really only use one of your senses while driving a car and that’s your eyes. All other senses aren’t stimulated in a vehicle like that.

And that’s exactly why Vespas have the upper hand when it comes to exploring a spectacular destination like the Langhe Region. With a Vespa, you can feel the wind blowing through your hair and against your cheeks, you can hear the sounds of nature and people, you can smell the scents of farmlands and forests.

Simply put, Vespa tours in Italy allow you to experience a destination to the fullest. You can fill your lungs with fresh air instead of air-conditioning air.


Food and Wine at Your Fingertips

The Langhe Region is one of the country’s top wine-growing and food-producing regions. This is where you can find and taste traditional ingredients and foods like hazelnut products, several authentic cheeses, honey and the famous white truffles of Alba.

The star attraction, however, is the region’s phenomenal wines. As a part of the Vineyards of Piedmont UNESCO World Heritage Site, Langhe is renowned around the world for wines like Monferrato, Barolo, Arneis, Barbaresco and Barbera d’Alba.


A Vespa tour is for all needs

A Vespa tour allows you to explore the rolling vineyard-covered hills of Langhe at your own pace, stop when you want to sample local products and produce, and have a well-rounded experience. You’ll have amazing traditional food and world-class wines right at your fingertips on a Langhe Vespa tour.

If you’d like to learn more about our Vespa tours in Italy and the Langhe Region specifically, you can find much more information on our e-bike page or in our Vespa Tour Page. We’d also like to point out that all our tours are available as packages, but can also be customized according to your needs and desires. Additionally, you can also create a gift card for your family and friends.


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