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The season is the right one, or rather, let’s say that from this week (we are in mid-October) until the end of November we enter the period in which truffles are really the best, most fragrant and tasty.

Why is autumn the best season for truffles?

Because it is cold at night because there is humidity in the air and then the precious underground mushroom matures slowly and then gives the best of itself to taste.

What we know is a matter of smell: try to taste a truffle with your nose closed, you will leave half the pleasure or maybe more!

At this point, someone will wonder if it is really worthy of such fame, after all, it is only perfume or almost … well, I say yes!

That unmistakable perfume that I will not dare to compare with anything else for fear of diminishing it, is something intoxicating, almost magical … and so at least once a year it is worth paying the cost! You only live once, don’t you?

Here we come immediately to the painful notes: how much does the White Truffle of Alba cost in its best season?

The price is variable, it depends on the vintage, this is known and also on the size: the more small or broken truffles are, the cheaper they are. It is reasonable to think that it is around 300/350 euros per hectolitre. The Truffle Fair tends to increase because there is more demand!

But how much is a hectogram of truffle? How much truffle do you need to scratch for a dish?

Let’s say that a beautiful and generous grate is around 6/7 grams, so if the truffle costs 300 euros per hectolitre, our rich dish will cost us from 18 to 21 euros. Obviously, if we choose one of the many restaurants in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area, we have to expect a little higher figures.

And which dishes do we pair with truffles?

The truffle has an elegant and sophisticated scent as well as unmistakable: it is very important not to cover it with strong flavors in combination; for this reason the favorite dishes and most recommended are the classic egg noodles (the “tajarin”, maybe the typical recipes 40 egg yolks) or simply with an egg in the frying pan (my favorite combination!). Some people love it with raw meat, but I think that with hot dishes gives the best … personal taste of course! I find it amazing even with fondue.

Which wine to pair with truffles?

Let’s say that for the matching it commands the dish on which we “scratch” it, so surely with the important and full-bodied reds typical of the Langhe we go on the safe side!

But in the end, why is truffles so expensive? And the White Truffle of Alba even more?
Marketing has certainly played its part in enhancing the value of the truffle, but the reason is certainly also its rarity and the difficulty in finding it. That of Alba because it has a decidedly intense and recognizable scent.


From this point of view, a truly unique experience is to accompany a “trifolao” and his dog (also called tabui) in search of the precious mushroom, perhaps at dawn. It is exciting to see the excitement of the dog that smells all around and rushes into all the gorges in search of truffles. Very interesting to discover all the techniques of training dogs and understand how to extract the truffle, which of course should not break.

Here, this is the dimension of the truffle that I like the most: the idea of returning it to what it is, a natural product of the earth, which is not only a luxury good for the tables of chefs around the world (this aspect comes later), but a fragrant mushroom that grows underground only in certain conditions and areas and for this reason it becomes rare and valuable.

A product that tells us about “trifolao” of Piedmontese mother tongue and dogs that only understand that “language”, about a symbiotic relationship between the latter and their master and above all about ecology and the environment. Yes, because as long as there is a truffle, it means that nature is not yet defeated. The truffle is born and grows only in the woods and it is only by preserving them that we can still enjoy this wonder of nature. The truffle has a simple and peasant soul, much less sophisticated than many gourmet products … at the end to “him” just an egg in the pan to give the best of himself!

Come to Langhe to see

I could still tell many things about the world of truffles, the plants that promote their formation and the areas in which they can be found, the various types more and less valuable …. but I would like to leave a little ‘mystery, a mystery scented just like the White Truffle of Alba!

If you want to discover everything about this world, participate in an exclusive research experience with a final lunch with white truffle tasting … I guarantee you that it will be unforgettable!

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