One of the greatest wine and food-producing regions in Italy, Piedmont occupies the country’s northwestern corner. Characterized by lush, rolling hills and fertile river valleys, this is truly one of Italy’s culinary hotspots, arguably the ultimate destination for a food and wine tour in Italy. Custom Wine and Food Tour in Italy: the Best of Piedmont’s Langhe Region of Barolo, Barbaresco and Monferrato Especially the southern part of Piedmont, which

We're in a lucky region! Where the land, the climate and the wisdom of our grandparents combined with new knowledge, produces different and increasingly interesting grapes. In my tours, it happens more and more often that customers are attracted by great wines: Barolo and Barbaresco are by far the best known. And then they are amazed and enchanted by the "younger brothers". How would you like to do an exploratory

Couldn’t miss an article in our blog about the legendary White Alba Truffle! The season is the right one, or rather, let’s say that from this week (we are in mid-October) until the end of November we enter the period in which truffles are really the best, most fragrant and tasty. Why is autumn the best season for truffles? Because it is cold at night because there is humidity in

The request My name is A*** and I am from Iceland.  We are about 6-8 couples that are interested in a gourmet wine - bike trip in Piedmont.  We have drunk a lot of wine from Piedmont in the past and are interested in the region.  We are thinking one week. What do you offer? The times It was February 09, 2018, the Icelanders' holiday took place from 1 to

Talk about Langhe hazelnuts at time of grape harvest?? I know that we are all ready to talk about the grape harvest, about how this vintage was for Nebbiolo, which will later become Barolo; we are ready for the Truffle Fair and for the great autumn events in the Langhe, but today I want to take a step back.

The Inquiry September 2018. Monforte d'Alba. Do you know this beautiful place? I'll be happy to tell you about it, but when I think about it my mind flies immediately to the request of Sean and Bethany, who celebrated their wedding at that time. Sean and Bethany are two U.S. citizens who decided to celebrate their wedding in Monforte. Their request, however, was quite particular. The wedding was organized, but

In Monale there is Raffaele, who takes care of his goats a bit mischievous, but with their milk produces award-winning cheeses! On one of these early spring days, I got into the car to meet Raffaele, owner of the Cascina Aris farm. Before reaching my destination, I stopped in Monale, a small town in the province of Asti of about 1,000 inhabitants. A really delightful place, where sky and woods,

The Monferrato must be discovered, because it is a hidden pearl! Did I mention I was in love with the Monferrato before? Yes, of course! This doesn’t change my love for the Langhe and my affection for the Roero, but Monferrato is always a surprise for me!

Trick or treat? (in Italy you say Dolcetto o scherzetto!) For the Piedmontese, and especially for the province of Cuneo, this phrase could be understood in a very different way. And it would certainly not be combined with a masked children’s party!