Langhe Bike Rental The bike rental in the Langhe is more and more topical, because it is convenient, cheap and because it allows you to cover more km modulating the effort according to your training. E-bikes in the Langhe are a constant in many hotels and farmhouses and are also offered by many cycling shops. Arriving by car or train, in Alba, you can pick up your bike and have

Anyone looking for the best destinations for a bike tour in Italy might quickly get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. With places as varied as the Mediterranean islands, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and the Alps, there are many to choose from. At Slow Days, however, we think the ultimate cycling destinations are all in northern Italy! 3 Best Destinations for Bike Tours in Northern Italy Northern Italy is a region

We wholeheartedly believe there’s no better way to explore the hills and wineries of northwestern Italy than a bike tour in Piedmont. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed region is renowned around the world for its centuries-old wine-making traditions and typical food products. Its rolling hills and gorgeous scenery make it one of the best destinations for a bike tour in Italy. There’s a Bike Tour in Piedmont for Every Visit No

E-bike: a green and slow choice, say Slowdays! Welcome back, friends of Slowdays! Today, with this article, we want to tell you a little bit about the E-bike world listing 3 good reasons why we support this completely green bike and why an electric bike can give a decisive turn to your holiday. 1. More power without too much effort Once you have an E-bike everything will be much easier

Why should a visitor book an ebike tour in Italy? Electric bikes are a relatively new addition to available means of transportation while traveling. A decade ago, it was basically unheard of to consider going on an ebike tour in Italy or other popular destinations. Now, however, these electric-powered bicycles are an increasingly in-demand transport method.   Why You Should Book an Ebike Tour in Italy There are various reasons

Sure, Italy is famous for its car manufacturing, from Alfa Romeos and Fiats to Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but that’s not necessarily applicable to you, a visitor looking for fun activities and experiences. What is interesting, however, is a Vespa tour in Italy. These iconic motorcycles are arguably the most famous form of tourist transportation in the country. And there are many reasons for that. In this article, we provide you

But how beautiful it is to go around the Langhe hills… in e-bike! Once upon a time there were four Swiss who, leaving from Basel, gathered in Alba to celebrate the birthday of their dear friend, who was celebrating 10 magnificent lustrums ? !

In Langheside by bicycle for two weeks because your every desire, it becomes our mission! This time we are realizing the dream of R. & J., two spouses who will arrive in September from Alaska and the car just did not want to know! They will arrive in Turin at the beginning of September:  there will be delivered two brilliant electric bikes. Then they realized that R. & J was agitated and wanted