By yourself or Tour Operator? I felt the need to write this article because it happens, less and less frequently in fact, that someone wonders what the organization in a Tour is for. And especially in the case of short tours, it's believed that making yourself is basically the best solution. Two cases in the past few days that I want to tell you about: Mary and Joan (fancy names).

Hello friends of Slowdays! I introduce myself, I’m Giorgia, a 23 year old girl, social media manager who just got in touch with the small but beautiful reality of Slowdays! Until now I had no idea that customizing a holiday or a tour was so easy and immediate, I tell you with this article what you need to know about it and how Slowdays will make your holidays unique, slow

The request My name is A*** and I am from Iceland.  We are about 6-8 couples that are interested in a gourmet wine - bike trip in Piedmont.  We have drunk a lot of wine from Piedmont in the past and are interested in the region.  We are thinking one week. What do you offer? The times It was February 09, 2018, the Icelanders' holiday took place from 1 to
The High Langa that sweetens your day! Today I went to discover a wonderful world: The world of bees and their extraordinary product, honey. At home, when I was a kid, there was a book about the world of bees. Many times I have seen documentaries and even transmissions about these small and hard-working insects. I always knew that they were a species that was organized in a complex way.
My job changed me. I have always been curious and have always loved to travel "in detail". To be clear, I will NEVER make 7 capitals in 7 days! Today I took advantage of a family friend, passionate about art and history who lives in Turin and who "revealed" a secret to me. But I'll talk to you about it in a moment. Let's go in order. The Royal Church

A day to discover the Sacra of Saint Michael. One hour and twenty minutes from the Langhe. 20 minutes from Turin. I dedicate the summer months to broadening my horizons and I am convinced that to do so it is not necessary to go so far away from home. It is always said that “the locals” are the ones who know their territory best, but I would like to launch

The Inquiry September 2018. Monforte d'Alba. Do you know this beautiful place? I'll be happy to tell you about it, but when I think about it my mind flies immediately to the request of Sean and Bethany, who celebrated their wedding at that time. Sean and Bethany are two U.S. citizens who decided to celebrate their wedding in Monforte. Their request, however, was quite particular. The wedding was organized, but
7 days to visit a unique territory! Suggestions by Claudia A holiday in the Langhe? In recent years, the Langhe has established itself as a popular tourist destination. Travellers from all over the world have begun to get to know, discover and love the Langhe. It is said that a trip always has 3 main moments: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it. Let's

Undecided about holidays? Come to Monferrato! Relax, good food, blue skies and a lot, but a lot… green!

The Monument to the Love of Langhe: The Cedar of Lebanon by La Morra