We love Lavender in Piedmont, did you know that?

There are magical moments that are created without us noticing it. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th we found ourselves in a magical place, with a perfect light, with a fascinating story and with people involved and kidnapped by what they had around them. Sale San Giovanni hosted us to enjoy the sunset and its scents!

Langhe Roero and Monferrato: A holiday in Piedmont. A holiday in a Unesco site!

So, let’s start with the basics:

  • Sleep in Alba or nearby?
  • How long does it take to visit the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato?
  • When do you most enjoy your holidays in these areas?

This morning I heard Gelindo being mentioned… and I began to wonder who this Piedmontese Christmas character was and what he represented!

In Piedmont, in ancient times, the winter solstice was celebrated in honor of the Sun and Mithras,

from the Roman Legions that came here. Julius Caesar remembers him in “De bello gallico”. In Pollenzo, Susa, Ivrea, Benevagienna, Asti, etc.. there are traces of worship of these deities. Surely there was a lot of “profane” in these celebrations, with excessive drinking and transgressions!

After the advent of Christianity, there are still traces of these adorations, for example in Val d’Aosta, Val Pellice and Valli Occitane where they continued to decorate the trees as the Celtic traditions.



The Monferrato must be discovered, because it is a hidden pearl!

Did I mention I was in love with the Monferrato before? Yes, of course! This doesn’t change my love for the Langhe and my affection for the Roero, but Monferrato is always a surprise for me!

Trick or treat? (in Italy you say Dolcetto o scherzetto!)

For the Piedmontese, and especially for the province of Cuneo, this phrase could be understood in a very different way. And it would certainly not be combined with a masked children’s party!

What kind of autumn is it without the chestnuts?!?

Are the woods yellow and brown, the vineyards orange and bronze and the hills? They absorb all the nuances that emerge from these warm colours and give life to an exciting spectacle for the heart and relaxing for the mind. In addition to the leaves that change color, the protagonists of this season, autumn, are the chestnuts, which thanks to their brownish color help to give life to this charge of energy that spreads throughout the countryside of Langhe! How many types of chestnuts do you know? Today I will explain you some characteristics and some places where to find them, but I will also give you some advice on how to use them in the kitchen 😉 First, there is a substantial difference to know: the chestnut is the wild fruit of the chestnut, while the brown comes from cultivated trees. Chestnuts are not large in size, they are squashed on one side, with strong skin and tasty flesh, while the brown is larger, has a striped skin and sweet flesh.


We live not only on bread… but also on WINE! Eh… What wines in the Langhe!

Let’s go on in our history of excellent wines!   After the Barolo, I want to talk to you about another King, the Barbaresco!


Man does not live by bread alone… he needs wine too!  And what wines here in Langhe!

You don’t have to be an expert sommelier to understand that when you think about the Langhe, you also think (perhaps… above all) of the excellent wines that this wonderful land offers us! Everything in these hills tells us about wine! And I am here, at your disposal, to show you the best wines that the Langhe can offer us!

Today I will tell you some news about Barolo:

I work hard in the summer to ensure a good outcome in the autumn…

The vines on the landscape of the Langhe are splendid sights that enchant tourists and locals alike. They are like geometric drawings that contrast with the usual disordered growth of nature.

The Langhe became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the hills lined with these rows. Not even nature could have designed them in such a harmonious way.

As it turns out, this magnificent orderliness, these graceful curves that follow the hills, all the vines’ glory is the product of SO MUCH WORK!

Undecided about holidays? Come to Monferrato!

Relax, good food, blue skies and a lot, but a lot… green!

Have you ever thought of organizing a holiday, an out-of-town trip or a weekend immersed in the beautiful territories of Monferrato? No? So, hold fast, because today I am going to talk about that!

We go for a walk through the rolling hills of Monferrato, always in a slow way and observing with plenty of detail everything that lives around us.