By yourself or Tour Operator? I felt the need to write this article because it happens, less and less frequently in fact, that someone wonders what the organization in a Tour is for. And especially in the case of short tours, it's believed that making yourself is basically the best solution. Two cases in the past few days that I want to tell you about: Mary and Joan (fancy names).

Join Slowdays and visit 3 of Langhe’s most beautiful cities Hello all friends of Slowdays and welcome back to our blog! If you are here it is because you want to know more about the most interesting cities in the Langhe. With the arrival of spring we tend to spend more willingly a few days away from home, every weekend is an opportunity to discover new destinations and attractions. I

Although there’s fierce competition from other regions in Italy, notably Tuscany, the Dolomites, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, there are such amazing outdoor things to do in Piedmont that the region could be regarded as Italy’s top outdoor destination. There may not be any world-class rock climbing or hiking on volcanic slopes in Piedmont, but there’s much else! In fact, this region in northwestern Italy is among Europe’s best destinations

Whether you’re an avid outdoors person, a lover of gastronomic delights, a meticulous planner or even a bride-to-be, there are several things to do in Piedmont, northern Italy. Squeezed between the Alps and the Mediterranean in northwestern Italy, the Piedmont region is home to picturesque undulating hills, historic vineyards and charming towns. Many of the best things to do in northern Italy are found in this gorgeous region. 4 Best

Anyone looking for the best destinations for a bike tour in Italy might quickly get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. With places as varied as the Mediterranean islands, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and the Alps, there are many to choose from. At Slow Days, however, we think the ultimate cycling destinations are all in northern Italy! 3 Best Destinations for Bike Tours in Northern Italy Northern Italy is a region

We wholeheartedly believe there’s no better way to explore the hills and wineries of northwestern Italy than a bike tour in Piedmont. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed region is renowned around the world for its centuries-old wine-making traditions and typical food products. Its rolling hills and gorgeous scenery make it one of the best destinations for a bike tour in Italy. There’s a Bike Tour in Piedmont for Every Visit No

E-bike: a green and slow choice, say Slowdays! Welcome back, friends of Slowdays! Today, with this article, we want to tell you a little bit about the E-bike world listing 3 good reasons why we support this completely green bike and why an electric bike can give a decisive turn to your holiday. 1. More power without too much effort Once you have an E-bike everything will be much easier

While it’s by no means a secret how phenomenal a destination Italy is when it comes to culinary delicacies, the place where you can find the best food and wine tours in Italy is much less famous. We’re talking, of course, about the Langhe Region, a part of Piedmont in northwestern Italy. Made up of low-lying, rolling hills squeezed between the Mediterranean and the Alps, its climate lends itself perfectly

Spring in the Langa, with Slowdays everything is more magical! Welcome back, friends of Slowdays! In these days of cold January we started thinking about spring, we have been discovering incredible places and we have created multi-days packages to make you live a very slow and relaxing experience, to welcome this floral season at its best. Here are the 4 multi-day packages that will make you discover and fall in

If you’re looking for the best food and wine tours in Italy, we at Slow Days can certainly help you out. As experts in Piedmont wine tours, we’re your one-stop shop for the ultimate culinary journey around one of Italy’s top food and wine destinations. What sets us apart from other tour operators in northwestern Italy is that we’re locals. All of us were born in raised in Piedmont; no