Are you looking for a holiday in the Langhe, Roero or Monferrato?

Holiday in Piedmont: Langhe Roero and Monferrato, Unesco site

So, let’s start with the basics for your holiday in Piedmont, Unesco area

  • Sleep in Alba or nearby?
  • How long does it take to visit the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato?
  • When do you most enjoy your holidays in these areas?


Where can you sleep in these areas? Alba or surroundings?

If you arrive in Alba by train and don’t have a car during your holiday, you’d better stay in Alba.

In the town, all easily accessible on foot, you can find restaurants, public transport and places to spend the evenings. I will be able to book you some small b&b, or hotels more quoted, or even apartments that I will have checked for you.

If you arrive in Alba in a car, then I can book you some nice structures on the hills and together we can choose which are the essential services that you want to have.

How much time should you dedicate to the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato to visit them?

This is really “the mother of all questions”!  In fact, it has no answer. Time depends on you, how much time you have. Because in these areas you can enjoy a weekend or every day for a longer period. Without getting bored! The territory is vast and varied. And then, according to the SlowDays philosophy, these territories should be visited with calm… ADAGIO!

After a walk, drinking a glass of Barolo, having a chat in the cellar … you can only bother to choose the best photo to take in these hills!

You won’t want to run along a motorway and immerse yourself again in the speed of everyday life!

But as I mentioned before, each person has his own time and his own time to “pull the plug”!

What’s the best time to come to this territory?

Let’s say that the most famous period to visit the areas of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato is autumn. The grape harvest, the red hills of the vines that change their color, the Truffle Fair, the festival that involves Alba and its surroundings, are a sure attraction. This magical period goes from September to almost all of November and brings thousands of visitors to Alba.

I assure you, however, that at any time you want and can come, you will be satisfied and live sweet, engaging, and unforgettable experiences!

In spring the vineyards are beautiful, during the summer, on the hills, you can still have cool temperatures and enjoy an aperitif by the pool or on a terrace with a view, and during the winter you will be enchanted by the bare hills, essential and delighted by the food and wines rich and invigorating!

Langhe, Roero, Monferrato for a weekend: SlowDays suggests

Saturday morning, Alba market!  For midday, an aperitif with a splendid cutting board that accompanies good wines. In the afternoon, one or two tastings, in Neive? Barolo? Barbaresco? We will decide together! In the evening a good and rich dinner in a restaurant that will make you understand what SlowFood means! At night? In Alba or on the hills, as you wish! After getting up lazily in the morning and having breakfast, you can go through the hills again. For lunch, a tasting /lunch in a cellar will conclude this nice break between our areas!

Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato in a week or more: SlowDays offers you pampering

You could choose to spend a week strolling around with your car or moving around with your e-bike. The itinerary would suit the vehicle you choose.

You should not miss a day in Alba, with a more in-depth visit and with some interesting ideas that I can decline for you in key, artistic, gastronomic or wine.

Then every day a different village, and consequently a specialty to taste and understand: Hazelnuts, cheeses, Barolo, Barbaresco, tajarin, bunet, Barolo Chinato or Moscato and then the High Langa, our favorite sparkling wine! You’re embarrassed by the choice!

If you love nature in its purest expression, you can’t miss the Alta Langa! And yes, because the glance is completely different! Because you will find the authentic expressions of the peasant world and of life in contact with nature!

In a week you will also have time for a trip to the Roero and maybe even to the Monferrato.

Wonderful lands and characterized by a different essence that you will take home with their flavors and their scents! The white wines of Roero and the full-bodied and fragrant wines of Monferrato will tell you a story that comes from far away.

If you want, you can walk along the paths and stop for some tasting.  You can enjoy a few hours in a SPA, be guided by a Sommelier in the tasting of precious wines.  Or you can participate in a cooking class and enjoy what you have prepared. I can help you discover how many types of Barolo there are and how different it is from Barbaresco. And why not, you will discover that the bubbles that are born in our Piedmont begin to be known throughout the world!

All this can be different if you come during the period of Vinum (in spring) or during the Truffle Fair (in October). Because these events will also be a great attraction to explore! And I’ll be able to interweave some truffle-related experiences!

If you’ve missed the article R&J holidays, I’d like to point it out: it’s about two wonderful weeks on the road with the e-bike!

Are you convinced? Then I wait for you and I will share this treasure that is opening up to the eyes of the world little by little!


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