A slow afternoon for differently fast boys

With special guys like them, willingly and unwillingly, we are forced to slow down!

Yes, they teach us the slowness and with extraordinary guys like these, the first question that comes to mind is “Why am I running? But where am I going to have to go in such a hurry?”.

Slow Days spent a day with some really exceptional young people:

all blind, some with motor problems and other difficulties in a scattered order… It is trivial to say that with such an afternoon you learn to appreciate things that we take for granted such as the possibility to wash our hands finding soap or to climb a step, knowing sooner how high it is ….

Yes, I know, it’s trivial, but I still think it’s an experience to be done sooner or later and maybe even to be repeated, forgotten what we are!
In the last experience we had known the fruit and its possible transformations, this time instead milk and cheese.
We started from the farm animals of Raffaele and Carla, two exquisite people who put their home, their animals and especially their sensitivity at our disposal … We heard, smelled, listened to the animals, embraced the calf …
After tasting the fresh milk, we turned it into cheese under the guidance of the cheesemaker Raffaele. All this without seeing anything, but certainly touching everything! Discovering through smell and touch, that’s all…

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice country snack made with genuine cheeses and fresh yogurt.

A special afternoon that has given so many smiles to boys who are able to smile about the little things much more than we are capable! Thanks to each of them … it’s true then you go back to running, but knowing in the end that we are all a bit ‘nonsense’!



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