Why choose us?

Because our programs are ``Slow``

because we believe that on holiday everyone needs to slow down to recover the natural rhythm.

Because we program things as if they were for us

by carefully choosing the most beautiful and less touristic experiences to make you know the places in their true essence.

Because a journey without ``human``

experiences is worth less than half.

Because we value people:

travelers who turn to us with their tastes, preferences and possibilities, and people who will meet during the journey that represent the true soul of the places.

If you decide to stay with us

for an hour or month, you will be at the centre of our attention.

Because we always charge the right price

depending on the services included and we can adapt to all budgets.

Search for experiences

Find the experience that fits your tastes!
Favorites by our friends

Most Experienced Experiences

Most Required!

Guided Wine Tour in Langhe cellars

We accompany you for a few hours to discover the
Piedmont – Langhe, Roero & Monferrato

Typical cooking classes

The workshops and cooking courses in the Langhe are for
Piedmont – Alba and Surroundings

Tour in e-bike.... pedal without fatigue!

Our electric bike tours between the hills of Langhe and
Piedmont – Langhe, Roero & Monferrato
Choose your experience by typology

We will think the rest!


Experiences that will make your holiday more intense and unique.
We want to make you discover the true essence of our territory, and the people who inhabit it.
Choose the most suitable rhythm and live with us your holiday in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato


Very Slow

For those who are looking for relaxation in the holiday.
Slow rhythms that follow our hills, scenery to contemplate, following the time of nature and seasons.



For those who want to relax during the holidays but with a pinch of lurk here and there. Experiences combining relaxation with tranquility to something more cheerful and lively.


Not so Slow

For those who also like to stay active on the holiday and prefer our territory for moving and nature experiences.

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